Nerd Block Vinyl Palooza 3.0 - A Huge Dissapointment


So there I was, sitting on Facebook late at night, minding my own business (to an extent) when all of a sudden a link on the Funko Pop Community UK sprung up talking about NerdBlock's Vinyl Palooza 3.0. This caught my eye so I looked into and was pleased to find that I could get 4 Funko Pops, 2 Dorbz figures and a tee all for only £26! That's about half the price it would cost you to buy all of the pieces individually! There were only 5000 units available so I whipped out my card, and entered my details like a gun was being held to my head. And now...I really wish I hadn't.

I mean, you could tell that this was just a way for Nerd Block to clear out their excess products which is fair enough since the price was so low. But at no point did I think that every single box would be almost identical. I'm not even exaggerating here, literally 5 of the 6 figures I received were same as this guy's here. The one that wasn't identical was still from the same franchise -Borderlands-!

So let's talk through what was in my box. We'll start off with the only pop that was different to the first unboxing I saw which was Psycho from Borderlands, never really got into Borderlands myself so that was a bit underwhelming.

Secondly, we have Samantha Baker from Sixteen Candles. Never seen the film so not really good for me but my house mate was named after the actor that played Samantha Baker so there's her birthday present sorted I guess?

Next up is Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones. Now, don't hate me but I just can't get into GoT. Believe me I've tried and tried again but I just can't seem to concentrate, but what I can say is I like his facial hair.

The last of the Pops is Jake Morrison from the film Independence Day...can you guess where this is going yet? I've never seen the film yet again. I swear I do watch alot of films, but Nerd Block don't think the same way I do.

Lastly we have 2 Dorbz figures :both from Guardians of the Galaxy: which is a film I have seen! There is Star Lord and Gamora. At least there were a couple of things I can relate to in this box, but still on the whole disappointing.

Oh, and the $10 credit you can use to get a free t-shirt? It costs £12.50 to get it send to the UK so not really the best value for money.

There is one good thing I can say though. The way the box was packaged beautifully. Usually when ordering a Pop online you can expect a few bumps and bruises when they arrive, especially when you have 6 on the way. There is no damage what so ever on any item in the box which is an absolute miracle. I'd rate this box a pi/10, which we'll round down to 3/10.

Sorry about the lack of depth in this post guys, there's only so much I can do when what I'm sent doesn't fit in with my interests what so ever, it's a shame really. If you did manage to make it to the end of the post how ever thankyou, here's a picture of  a baby pig...

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