My Top 5 Horror Films


5) - Us

I was a bit sceptical when I first went to see this film since it was written and directed by Jordan Peele, the same director from Get Out (2017) which, despite its fantastic reviews, I thought to be a bit of a bore with not much substance. To my pleasant surprise, Us was a fantastic film which had its own original story and fantastic twists here and there. I would thoroughly recommend this film if you're looking for a modern horror this Halloween.

4) - Halloween III: Season of the Witch

The Halloween franchise is usually seen as one of the standards in Halloween films, and not just because they share a name. Many people consider the third Halloween film one of the most disappointing of the series since it doesn't feature the franchise's poster boy, Michael Myers. The thing is, Halloween was originally aiming to be an American Horror Story-esc anthology series of horror films. If you look past the absence of the title character you will see that Season of the Witch is a tense thrilling horror film filled with masks just as creepy s Myers'. 

3) - Cube

I came across Cube by chance on Netflix when I was looking for some kind of different horror film to watch. It follows a group of strangers who wake up inside a series of coloured and connected cubes which no idea how they got there. Some of the rooms contain Saw-like traps which a mathematician in the group can predict based on serial numbers on the gaps connecting the cubes. If you're looking for a weird cult horror film to watch have a go at Cube. 

2) - The Collector

A run of the rill Horror film. The Collector follows a family and robber who's house taken over by a masked serial killer 'the collector' who booby-traps the house with morbid, lethal contraptions in a bid to prevent the family from escaping. A sequel to the film was released which I have yet to watch but I'm looking forward to the sequel and the recently announced 3rd film.

1) - Jigsaw

Jigsaw is the latest instalment in the Saw franchise and serves as a kind of rounding-off of the first 7 Saw films before the franchise is rebooted with Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson in 2020. Not that well received, I kind of mean my top spot to go to the entire Saw franchise as a whole. I used to think that Saw was nothing but a bloody-gory mess with not much substance but after paying attention to the story it involves I must admit I was wrong. Saw is a story of tragedy turning into murder. I don't think I need to push these films to anyone as I'm sure most people have seen one of the instalments themselves. 

What's your favourite horror film?

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