Has technology affected the fitness industry?


With technology expanding and growing tremendously quickly, it’s beginning to take over everything that we do, even intervening in our fitness regimes. The big question is whether or not it’s having a positive or negative effect on the fitness industry? Here I have outlined some positives and negatives of the revolution of technology.


Music has a big influence on our motivation to exercise and this has been studied by many psychologists, it’s true. You’re able to create playlists which encourage you to carry out certain exercises. It distracts you and gives you something to think about whilst exercising, as sometimes it does get a little boring. On the other hand, running with headphones in could be potentially dangerous as you become less aware of the surroundings around you.

DVDs and WIIs

Workout DVD’s have been around for a few years now and are getting even more popular and intense with many celebrities such as Davina McCall joining in with the trend, creating their own DVD’s which have been really successful.  With the most intense workout DVD being ‘Insanity’ which is said to provide you with a years’ worth of results in just 60 days. On a downside, you might not have the discipline and willpower to maintain this like you would if you were to have a personal trainer or were a member of the gym. You also aren’t provided with encouragement or clear results of your progress.
The Wii have designed the Wii fit game which comes complete with a balance board, this device encourages you to take part in various different sports including yoga, tennis and running all the privacy of your own home, you’re able to play as a single player or even in a group on certain games. It’s so effective and encouraging that many hospitals are even incorporating this into rehabilitation programmes. The same as the DVD’s, to gain anything from the Wii you will need to have the discipline. The intensity of the exercises on the Wii are nothing like the intensity of going on a real run, therefore you aren’t burning as many calories or getting as fit and healthy as you could be, if you took that time and effort to go outside and do what you’re doing it would be a lot more effective and worthwhile.


With the rise of smartphones and with the smarter they’re becoming, we now have apps which are able to track your fitness. They can track the route you’re running and how far you have run, count how many calories you have burnt or consumed and provide you with workout routines- all on one device. You now never have an excuse to why you haven’t exercised.
Big on the scene at the moment is the Fitbit Flex which is a light weight wristband which monitors how many steps you take throughout the day using intelligent software. All the information is then synced to a computer or a mobile app which you’re able to access, enabling you to download the data which the device has recorded and it is shown in Graphs and charts, allowing you to track your progress. The Fitbit Flex is a reliable device made for the purpose of exercise you’re able to set goals and reach them using this, compared to the use of mobiles which can be unreliable as they haven’t been designed and made with fitness in mind.


Many people can be put off the thought of having to go outside to run or go on a bike ride. We now have more machinery than ever before which encourages more and more people to exercise and get fit with the use of treadmills, rowing machines and cross trainers which are able to suit anyone’s needs ranging from a low to high intensity setting. We now have gyms providing top of the range equipment which can monitor how many calories are being burnt, heart rate and even imitate steepness of hills on running machines to make it more realistic- this is great and enables you to keep on track of your progress, providing both motivation and encouragement to keep going. Although, with more and more people using this equipment in their homes, there are many people that don’t know how to use it properly as they have no support from an instructor, this is causing injuries that could have been avoided.

General health

People’s general health is improving constantly, thanks to the expansion and improvement of technology. For example, people are deciding and to give up smoking thanks to the invention and use of Electronic cigarettes; this is having a huge effect on fitness as after a few weeks of non-smoking the lungs increase their endurance and lung capacity, eventually healthy lung tissue will be produced which supports a greater capacity, encouraging both fitness and exercise.
On the other hand there have been negatives to our increase of technology. With many of the younger generation being encouraged to use devices such as iPads and iPhones at such a young age it is taking away the old school, playing outside with your friends and replacing it with talking on online chat sites instead, this isn’t motivating and it’s encouraging laziness.

I feel with the time and energy you’re spending taking time to search for the latest fitness apps or going out to buy the latest DVD could be time spent going out for a run or a swim which is both free and of a higher intensity and would be much more worth your time.

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