Beer52 Review | March 2020 | Ireland


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Since lockdown in the UK began I have been passing the time by getting into my craft beers. I'd gotten the odd box from Beer52 before but this time I decided to keep my subscription up and running over the months and try out some new beer types and breweries. I've never been a fan of the darker beers like stout so my subscription solely centres around lighter beers like lagers and IPAs. Here are my thoughts on the subscription and a couple of my favourite beers from the box this month.

What do you get?

Each month you get a copy of Ferment Magazine, which is a magazine written and published by the guys over at Beer52 which has all kinds of articles related to the craft industry. I like to read the interviews with the breweries that are featured in the boxes each month. This helps to give you an idea of the ethos of the brewery you're drinking from and helps you to feel more involved in the process. 

You also get a little snack to have with your beers each month. This month I got some sweet chilli chickpeas which went down a treat with my favourite beer on the list which we'll talk about in a minute.

Finally, the most important part, you get a selection of beers. You have a couple of choices to make when you set up your subscription. Firstly, do you like dark beers as well as light beers? If you do, you can choose a mixed box including everything from IPAs to stouts. Or you can choose to just have the light beers, like me. Secondly, how many beers do you want? The standard subscription includes 8 Beers for £24. You can then upgrade to 10-packs or 12-packs if desired. But you can get your first box of 8 for HALF PRICE by clicking here. All beers you received are listed in the ferment magazine are rated on all kinds of qualities as well as ideal drinking temperatures. 

Top 3 Beers

3) Alone Together DDH Amarillo  - O Brother

Alone Together was a much different beer to the others in the box. This was quite distinctively sour and dry. It made a change from the rest of the beers in the box which tended to be quite sweet. At 4% ABV this beer was mild but woke up with the high 'fizziness' of it. Would recommend.

2) Howling Gale Pale - Eight Degrees

Howling Gale was very sharp on the throat which offered a crisp and refreshing taste. It was perfect for the hot weather we've been having lately. Brewed by one of my favourite microbreweries, Eight Degrees, it is definitely one I would have again if given the chance.

1) Happy Days Pale Ale - Rascals

This was the stand-out beer from this month's box. This pale ale was relentlessly smooth with a wonderful tropical aroma. This had it all. It was refreshing, smooth and fruity. The best of the bunch, I will actively seek out this beer whenever I can. It's going to be hard but I'm certain it will be worth it.

Have you ever tried Beer52? What did you think?
Fancy a try? Get 50% OFF your first order of 8 cans. That's just £12!

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