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The reboot of Child’s Play from 1988 sees the role of chucky morphing from a serial killer-possessed child’s toy into a more modern problem. This iteration sees Kaslan, a company known for products ranging from drones to TVs connected  together via The Cloud, come out with their new product, Buddi. Buddi is a toy designed for children to have a friend to learn, play with and take care of. A jilted Kaslan employee who works in the factory where Buddi is being made wipes all of the safety protections from a single Buddi toy before throwing himself off of the company building This faulty toy finds it’s way into the hands of kid Andy Barclay (Gabriel Bateman) where all hell breaks loose.

The film features a great performance from Aubrey Plaza, moving from miserable teenager in Parks and Recreation to the mother of Andy in the film. I must say though, it’s weird going from hearing Plaza call her husband in Parks and Rec Andy to seeing her as a motherly figure but this time her son gets the honour. I was sceptical of seeing Plaza in this role but she pulled it off fantastically.

Actor Performances


Chucky is voiced by Mark Hamill, best known as Luke Skywalker. Hamill’s best known voice acting work is in the form of The Joker in a number of animated Batman features. Hamill gets the blend of creepiness and cuteness as the demon toy just right so that you find the doll creepy, funny and cute all at the same time. The film’s creators successfully get their audience to feel a bit sorry for Chucky at times, seeing that he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing wrong and he does at good intentions at the base of things.

Child’s Play plays on the fear of the technology we create in the world eventually turning on us and using all of it’s man-made features to it’s advantage. A good idea for a way to modernise a horror classic.

It’s an adequate watch with exceptional performances from Plaza and Hamill but the film is lacking a bit of what you would expect a horror film to have, horror. You have the very occasional jump scare or tense moment but I sat pretty comfortably on the back of my seat the whole way through the showing.

My verdict? You can probably wait this out until it’s on DVD or some streaming platform.


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